Installation of the artist Gil Marco Shani, curator Ori Dassau.
The work puts in situation a regular building entrance, reconstituted in the stairway of the museum. The visitors go down a slope until the entrance door, locked, and find themselves outside of a residential building. The light changes, as if someone was living there. It is cold outside.
All the materials are fake, photographs stickers reproducing the real materials and giving the illusion of reality. The visitors are inside the museum, but part of a scene from the daily life.

  • Role Architect
  • For Biennale of Arts, Herzeliya Museum, Israel
  • Date 2011

photo: Daniel Sheriff

photo: Daniel Sheriff

photo: Daniel Sheriff

Inside the work

photo: Daniel Sheriff

photo: Daniel Sheriff

entrance view
photo: Daniel Sheriff

Back view
photo: Daniel Sheriff

Outdoors back stage

general plan and section

walls partitions

Study model

Model view

Beginning of the construction inside the staircase

Destruction stage