BUSES, Gil Marco Shani

An Art work installation of the artist Gil Marco Shani.
It is site specific, planed for the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.
The space is transformed and the visitor finds himself into a new reality, until he encounters the two buses parking behind a glass door.
The buses were designed and built as generic models, specially for this point of view.
I is a 1:1 scale model; the materials are not the original ones, but carefully chosen for their properties, suiting a model that size. The buses are demountable so you can store them and assemble them again.

  • Role Architect
  • For The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
  • Date Opening 27.03.18 till June 2019
  • Type Art Work/ Installation


From the Museum


Entrance corridor

First door

Through the doors

Through the window


Inside the space

Close up

plan of installation

Section of installation

Section on model

section on bus

Section on bus

In the factory

lightning process


Final touch, stickers





windows filters